Immunity Shield  is the defense system of our body that our body has to fight against any type of virus. Whenever we are sleeping, we are working outside, whether it is office or forest area, there are countless types of viruses around us that do not want to go inside us anyway.

Or when we drink food we drink water, most of them viruses, which we also call bacteria. They go inside us. After that we suffer from many diseases. Sometimes this disease also becomes fatal. The strength we need to fight this type of virus is called immunity.This is why immunity is so important to us, if it is not inside any human being, it cannot survive.

How is the immune system made :-

The system that we have in our body consists of some cells which work non stop in our body and some cells are called protein cells which kill all the deadly viruses in our body. Which we call antibodies protein. To maintain all these processes, our body will always infect some viruses as long as our immune system is not good.

Now we will talk about strengthening our immune system, so our immune system becomes natural. But today we will talk about a product that makes our cells after entering our body and our immune system becomes the neurological way to maintain it.

Why do we need immunity :-

There is a B cell in our body from which a memory cell is formed. If ever we get infected by some virus and after that we get cured. But sometimes it happens that the same virus infects us again, then the memory cell, which has become the B cell in our body, fights with that virus and protects us from any physical damage. Therefore, our body’s immune power should not be lost, and the immunity shield should be used to maintain it.




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